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             Not everyone is blessed with good skin. Merle Herbs hope to change that!


Hi, I am Sawant Gupta, co-founder of Merle Herbs. Like many, I wasn’t blessed with good skin. I have struggled with skin problems for a long time. From one skincare brand to another, I have tried and tested everything on my skin. But everything failed! Nothing could treat it from the root. Finally, my parents pushed me to use our age old dadi-nani ke nuskhe to treat my skin problems.

 The homemade products did wonder for my skin and ended my struggles forever. That’s when the seed for Merle Herbs germinated. I grew up seeing so many people struggling with their skin problems including my sister. I wanted to genuinely solve this problem. So after witnessing the effects of natural ingredients, I along with my sister decided to take it to the masses.

 We were determined to create an Indian brand for Indian skin types using ancient herbs. But the journey was full of challenges. Firstly the beauty market is full of chemical products dominated by international brands. Secondly, though the buzz for natural and organic products among millennials exit, the right knowledge is missing. Nobody knows which herb works for which skin problem. Also, formulating ancient herbs, leaves, and ingredients is one of the enthralling tasks.

 So we carefully researched to understand different herbs and ayurvedic ingredients. The journey was full of challenges but we had full faith in our age-old herbs. Thus, the process of creating Merle herbs began. We wanted to bring an Indian brand using Ayurvedic herbs that suits the Indian skin type.

 We thoroughly researched not only the natural ingredients but also their sourcing. The idea was to stay true to the ayurvedic ingredients and use them in their purest form. 

 After months of intensive research, formulation, and testing, Merle Herbs was born. We launched the product line of face wash, face & body gel, scrub, and peel-off masks. All our skincare products are certified and free of chemicals like formaldehyde and paraben. We follow stringent quality measures and high standards for each product to keep up the quality.

 Today, Merle Herbs is a brand that uses natural ingredients to treat issues of all skin types - normal, oily, dry, itchy, and combinations. We use natural ingredients like rosemary and black sand in our products. When we started nobody was investing in these natural herbs and ingredients.

 Rosemary, an evergreen shrub though best known for recipes is loaded with aromatic and medicinal properties. We launched rosemary, activated charcoal face wash, Aloe vera + vitamin E body gel, black sand scrub and peel off mask. We sent these products to the top makeup artist for genuine feedback. The response was overwhelming. We relied on natural ingredients with their medicinal properties to fight off acne, lighten dark spots, reduce lines, wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin naturally. Many of the clients finally got rid of their skin struggles after years. That’s where Merle Herb won!


Only when you get closer to nature, the magic happens! Your skin deserves the magic…..


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